India has been the source of ancient culture beginning from the Indus Pre-Aryan era nearly 4500 years ago. Mergence of the religion of the Aryans and their nature gods with the personified Dravidian gods and goddesses evolved into the present form of Hinduism. The Sixteen Pre-Buddhist Oligarchic Kingdoms in the North had their own coinage as early as 600 BC. The earliest coins of the Kushan kings from 100 to 300 AD drew much from the Greek coinage but with accomodation of the Hindu Gods and Buddha. The earliest graphic graphic view of Shiva and Nandi can be seen in the Kushan coins within a few centuries of the earliest Christian Era.The oldest extant coins are from the Sangam Period of South India some even pre-dating Christ. This coinage was directly under the Pandyans from around 700 BC to as late as 12th century AD. The early imported coins of India were from the Romans through trade since the period of Augustus Caesar through to about 4th century AD. The Colonial powers mainly Dutch, Portuguese British and the French introduced their own coins as well as produced their coins in India.

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