Prior to independence in 1947, the territory of modern Pakistan was a part of the British Indian Empire. Before this period it was ruled in different periods by local kings and numerous imperial powers. By the 18th century the land was incorporated into British India. Pakistan’s political history began with the birth of the All India Muslim League in 1906 to protect “Muslim interests, amid neglect and to oppose Congress and growing Hindu nationalism in return the British Raj would decide to grant local self-rule. On 29 December 1930, philosopher Sir Muhammad Iqbal called for an autonomous new state in “North-Western India for Indian Muslims”. Muhammad Ali Jinnah espoused the Two Nation Theory and led the League to adopt the Lahore Resolution of 1940, demanding the formation of independent states in the East and the West of British India. Eventually, a successful movement led by Jinnah resulted in the partition of India and independence from Britain, on 14 August 1947.
First stamps of Bangladesh were overprinted during the March 26, 1971 and April 30, 1973 Provincial Wars period for use in Bangladesh. These interesting locals are not listed in any of the major catalogues, and there are many machine printed and hand-stamped varieties of these local overprints that were issued for cities and towns throughout Pakistan especially those near the Pakistan-Bangladesh border controlled by the Liberation Army, the Mukti Fouz.
Stamps of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from

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